Farewell Fashion face!

Hey dolls!
My deepest apologies for my lack of posts! Uni work has got so heavy recently just before hand-in and ive been so stressed! But i’ve now got it under control ^_^
I hope you all liked my ‘Face of fashion’ posts where I went onto the streets on London to snap street style photos, This post is to conclude my face of fashion posts as i’ve come to the end of my project! I would still go out and snap people for you all to see though if you would like.
I really enjoyed gathering street style photos in London as street style is something which really inspires me and I went on to create my magazine from that work! (Filled with a few extras also)

Thank you all for your feedback on my face of fashion posts and for coming through the journey with me! Also a massive thank you to everyone who sent in their own style photos!

I used 6 of the emails which I received to create my online ‘Double click’ feature and it turned out great!

I want to share with you two blogs that I am especially loving (they sent me in their photos)

This is Kate and her style is AMAZING! Its so fresh, unique bright and fun! She’s from the UK and I just couldn’t stop scrolling through her blog, Its really inspiring and she also has some DIY posts. Also her hair is wicked and I love how she does her makeup, she pulls of red on the eyes better than i’ve seen anyone do! Check out her blog here.

This is Kasia, Her blog is great and I think she should have alot more followers than she does if that makes sense?! Such a great fashion sense, love the photography! Her style is chic, casual and i’d say quite european, very on-trend and sometimes has a rocker edge! Perfect ^_^
She’s from Poland and I love how her blog gives you a little glimpse into her life there, i’m always interested in different countries and they style they have where they are =] Check out her blog here.

Lastly I present to you a sneak peek of my finished magazine! Its been a long work in progress, I may create another magazine as I really enjoyed it! Hope this has been interesting and I hope you are all well!

Sammi xoxo