10 days in Lanzarote

Posing on the seafront / One of the best pizzas I have ever had / My bed-side mess / Teguise market where I bought a beautiful cuff bracelet/ Beach refreshments / Poolside Pic / the sea / Packing for home again / The beach / an AMAZING jacket potato..it was magical / Me doing a silly pose in my playsuit (its from Urban outfitters)

Hello Dolls!
I hope you are all well, its been a while! I recently returned from Lanzarote, if you are not sure where this is, its a small spanish speaking Canary island which is off the coast of Africa.
It was lovely there, very hot, it was around 30 Degrees (celcius) but with ferocious winds which were actually handy while sun-bathing because it cools you down but when you have just done your hair it is rather annoying.
It is a volcanic island so there is alot of lava rock and places to go and see the volcanos, we went to see a lava lagoon place one day but it was a total rip-off, anyways, the beaches were lovely as you can see!

I am now tan! haha, I dont really like being in the sun for too long to be honest, i get agitated but my sister (who does like the sun) is always like ‘why do you always want to be out the sun…you’re weird’ lol…It gets too hot I tells ya!

I have missed blogging alot! Before i went away it was really hard to blog because I was moving my stuff back from Southampton where I was attending uni which I have now finished and am awaiting my results (yes, still! because they lost my work) and I actually finished moving the day before we left for Lanzarote! So you can imagine the chaos!

Now I am back home, I have sorted out my room and I am alot more free and my head is alot clearer! So more blogging to come =] I also want to do more outfit posts however the weather isn’t very forthcoming at the moment, as much as I love the rain..its terrible for photography!

I shall stop babbling now, I hope you like the pics! If you have been there or are going do let me know!

Ciao! xxx