My Forever 21 experience (Oxford street)

Slippers around £6.00

Tie dye dress – £18.00 ‘Romper’ £10.00

Jewellery was all around £3.00

Hey dolls,
So last sunday I visited Forever 21 on Oxford street, its just opened recently so I was excited to go! I’ve been before in the US where I thought it was…ok..but I wanted to see what the UK one would be like.
I was disappointed. lol It was full of floral prints, cheap looking tribal prints and big text prints on tops etc, The store is decorated beautifully, very modern, with chandeliers and lovely stands, But I liked the interior design better than the clothing!
What I did like was the jewellery, theres a large selection so I found a few bits, I had to control myself! I also liked the accessories, I had my eye on one of the laptop cases but £15 for a laptop case? hmm
Its known to be quite cheap but actually looking back…its not extremely cheap, I think Primark is the winner for very good prices and trendy clothing.

Alot of people have said its very hit and miss so I will give it another chance =] I reckon the autumn/winter collections might be better! I just cant wear frilly floral!

So here is what I bought, You may have seen it already on my new video! But if not I thought some of you might be interested =]

Have you been to the store on Oxford street? What did you think?!

Sammi xoxo