My native hearts

Top – Topshop (long ago)

Shorts – Native Heart

Boots – Office

Necklace – Topman

Belt – Rokit

Hat – H&M

Hi dolls,

I was recently sent some dashing shorts from Native heart, they do lots of different styles, you can contact them if you would like them distressed or studded in a certain way and they’ll customise them for you..which is smashing! I chose some studded on the back (they’re a bit too small for me though =[) and then I spotted these pink ones and fell in love!

They also do other pieces which are equally as on-trend and unique, every time i check the site something new seems to of been added! I really recommend the site if you like that bohemian/edgy look =]

I bought a few magazines the other day which I still need to read through but i just thought it would look cute haha! Anywhoodle, i’m getting prepared to watch ‘Insidious’ tonight with the boy, i’ve seen it before but hid the entire time, I shall try to actually watch it this time! haha

Sammi xoxo