The infamous Lita’s

Black calf leather Litas – Jeffrey Campbell

Hey dolls,

 So my litas FINALLY arrived! WOOO! 

Ok theres kind of alot I want to say but I dont want to make this post too long!
I ordered these litas from Solestruck which is an american site on the 31st of august…yeah…august! They say it will take up to 10 days to arrive but no I was waiting until yesterday..Not impressed! 

I reckon it wouldn’t be a problem if you live in the US but ordering from overseas was a nightmare!
 They cost $159.95 and then shipping on top brought the price up to around what you can pick them up for in London anyway in Office or urban outfitters, you can track the delivery on the site which is quite handy and thats what I did but when i thought…ok this is getting a bit long now, the tracking update was so vague! it didnt explain atall what was going on, I went to my local post office (where the deliveries go to) and they said it was at customs, Surely enough it was but they didnt let me know for a good few days, I had to phone up and then pay £32.10 over the phone which was VAT i think…I thought that was a bit out of order! I contacted Solestruck and they said it had been given a new tracking number once it entered the UK…..well thanks for letting me know! 

 So I waited 22 days for my beloved litas to arrive…Which meant after a while my excitement kind of drifted..I begun to think they might not come!

 All I can say is…I wouldn’t recommend solestruck if you are ordering from the UK!

 HOWEVER! Because I hate to be negative! Now they have arrived I LOVE them and they are just as amazing as I thought they would be, I just like to stare at them…haha!
 They are great quality and the colour and finish is perfect, I tried them on and the feel quite comfortable, they wobble a little bit but I defiantly need to just get used to them!

 Now I am planning what colour to get next…hehe! (Im wearing them tonight so i’ll give you guys an update!) 

 Has anyone else had delivery problems? Maybe mine was just a one-off, anyone got any tips or tricks for walking in them? =]

 Sammi xx