Le theatre of the nameless

Hey dolls,
The other week was an Illamasqua event and I always love their events! Always stunningly presented and full of intricate details and fun things to look at and do. I was so gutted I couldn’t make it but they were lovely enough to send me along a few pieces from the new collection! ‘Theatre of the nameless’.
As usual its a gorgeous collection and spot on for A/W, Some of the colours I would wear more than others though!
I always love the imagery that showcases the collections so I took a snap of one of my favourite looks.

I received ‘Kink’ nail varnish which is a kind of muted moss green, ‘Beguile’ pure pigment which is an amazing fairy dust kind of powder, reminds me a little of reflects by MAC but with a twist and ‘Facade’ intense lipgloss which is a nude brown colour,
This lipgloss isnt something i’d usually go for because it dosent do too much for my skin tone but i’ll try and work with it!

All in all the collection is another hit from Illamasqua, their collections are always awe-inspiring, I would love to try out some of the other pieces and my favourite from what I received is probably the pigment (for which the picture dosent do justice!)

Hope you found this interesting/helpful! Check out the new collection maybe online if you cant get to the store ^_^

Sammi xoxo