Alton towers ’11

Hey dolls! 
Ok so my claim that I wasn’t going to be as bad as last week…was pitiful! =[ 
 Im so sorry guys! The week has been so crazy again, I got back from Alton Towers yesterday, 
I went on friday and came back saturday,
It was great! The park was open till 9pm and there were mazes and a zombie walk-through and all sorts ok cool crazy things! ^_^
 I went with Ricky (the boy) and we stayed in the splash landings hotel overnight, we were sooo tired by the end of the day! (I had been up since 4am) On the second day we went on oblivion twice, got some doughnuts and then headed back home (as you do). I didnt get too many pics from the trip but here are a few! 
 I’ll have a vlog video up soon from Alton Towers, Hope you all are well! 

 Have any of you been recently? I recommend it around halloween time! 

 Sammi xoxo