American Apparel Flea market

Hey dolls! 

 So last thursday I went up to Brick lane because there was an American Apparel flea market on! (up 90% off everything) It was on till tuesday and I wanted to get this post up as a ‘heads up’ and tell you guys to go but I again could’nt get round to it! 

 It was MENTAL! I went with the boy and we waited in the queue for about an hour which winded its way up brick lane and moved quite slowly. When we eventualy got in it was mayhem! Girls, boys, clothes flying around everywhere, sections which were apparently changing rooms (you saw the odd flash of bum), The queue wound round the whole room. 
I looked around for about half an hour, the clothes that were there wernt the BEST of the clothes AA do but if you looked properly you could find some gems. Then we waited in the queue to pay for about 40 minutes, GOSH!

 They advertised it as a massive sale, 90% off, loads of things for £1, in reality most things were around £15/20 and only the nail polishes were £1 but still I figured the amount all these clothes will come to is the equivalent of about 2 things when you go in the actual store! 

 So above is what I got my hands on! I wonder if any of you guys went or heard about it?

Sammi xoxo