Glossy & Boudoir

Hey dolls, 

 I know many of you would have seen alot of posts featuring these types of ‘beauty boxes’. Basically you can sign up to receive a box of high-end samples (which are sometimes even full size or a large sample) It’s usually around just over £10 a month due to shipping costs aswell and you receive products which are more tailored to you also so everyone gets sightly different boxes. 

Anywho! So I received the October glossybox and october Boudoir prive’ last month and I am very sorry this is late because obviously its november! But Its more about my opinions and a slight comparison.

I have received Glossyboxes for a few months now and I loved the first box! However the next boxes I were sent I ended up only liking one or two of the products, I think its because it contained alot of skincare and hair products and I dont really experiment with my skincare too much, I rather enjoy trying out new makeup! It does have some gems but if you are paying that much for one or two samples you may like im not sure if it might be worth it? I totally depends on the person! The plus side is you do get quite good sized products. 

 This was my first Boudior prive’ box, I had heard a little about them before and was very keen to have a look and see what the difference was, its a little more a month but I actually loved this box! I liked many of the products and they are products I would really use/love to try out. You get a few more products but the down-side is that because there are more, they are smaller but I don’t mind that personally, as long as I like the products! So below I have picked out my favourite products from each of the boxes =]

Stila smudge liner – This is a gorgeous eyeliner, its like a smudge stick, it is a dark olive colour with small sparkles, It works best when you build it up with a few layers and gives such good colour pay-off and will last even longer if you set it with a bit if eyeshadow.

Boudoir Prive’: 

Studiomakeup line styler pen – A felt-tip style eyeliner, long lasting, deep black colour and its so easy to use…just a great eyeliner! much better than the MAC one which is a failure! 
Rose petal salve – I don’t think i’ve used such a softening lip product…ever! Its sooo conditioning I love it, i’m not usually a fan of the rose scent but this is my exception! Highly recommend it. 
KORRES Guava body butter – the smell of this is…AMAZING it does a great job at moisturising the skin and is just such an amazing product im so glad I have now discovered it! Everyone has to go out and just smell this it makes you want to eat it! 

 Overall, the comparison at the moment has resulted in me preferring the Boudoir prive’ box, It contained so many lovely products, Glossybox also does but I think its because you get more products in the BP box and the products also were up my street! If the next glossybox contains more products i’m into I might be swayed but If I had to choose, boudoir prive’ wins!

 I hope this was interesting and/or has helped!

Have you guys tried either of these boxes? Which do you prefer? Let me know! 

 Sammi xoxo