A particularly perfect package


Hey dolls,
Today I was pottering around the house when I heard the front door buzz and to my surprise there was a package from Fashionology.nl for me!
I pretty much ran upstairs and opened it and this is what was inside! I feel like the designs are very whimsical and cultural, I love the different stones and the theme of purple and silver..Im a big lover of layering silver Jewellery!

I have quite a few pieces of Fashionology jewellery and the pieces I have havent even tarnished (If they have atall its minimal) and i’ve had some for at least a year! (Basically,better than Topshop quality jewellery haha)
The jewellery all feels very sturdy, nothing I’ve had from them has broken and I love how Fashionology has on-point, on-trend jewellery, I think the only bummer is that they are not based in the UK but from what I can recall it dosent take alot more than a week for the items to be shipped to the UK.

Anywho Im rambling a little bit but it was so nice of Fashionology to send me these items, I just wanted to share them with you guys straight away! It was a surprise package and they havent asked me to blog or talk about the pieces I just love them this much! ^_^

What do you think of the jewellery? Whats your favourite piece?

Samantha x