The two debut’s

Denim shirt – Vintage 

Cardigan – Charity shop find
 Riding pants – H&M 
Chelsea boots – Monki 
Necklace – HRH collection 
Bag – Zara 

 It was pouring down with rain as these pictures were snapped, So I got the best pictures I could in before we got soaked (me and the boy) I put this outfit together yesterday because I was determined to get some use out of this vintage cardigan I found one day while snooping around charity shops in Chiswick (random). I hadn’t worn it yet and I bought it back in summer/autumn last year.
The thing is, I love the colours and pattern on it but it makes me look like a house! Its so unflattering, but hey! There are always hits and misses, I thought I would give it a debut on my blog, another debut goes to my new Zara bag! *drool*

 I bought this baby the other day because I had been eyeing it for quite a while and I was also after a new everyday kind of bag, I decided it would be my new ‘take everywhere with me’ bag….however I’ve decided its a bit too big & I feel like I cant really bash it around, not that I do that purposely, but its too special to get all rugged! So my search for the perfect everyday bag continues…

 oooh by the way, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY guys! 

 Sammi xoxo