The Organic Glossybox

Hey dolls!

 Im back with a quick Glossybox post (I hope you are all not too tired of them haha) This month the theme of the box was all organic, which is always nice! It feels like the products are alot more natural.

To be honest when I first got this box I was a little like ‘meh’ (Except for the lip product, mmm!) I thought the products looked boring and that they wouldn’t be for me, so it sat on my dressing table for a little while, but a few days later when I delved into the box again and properly tried the products I realised they are actually rather lovely! The only product I really havent tried yet properly is the hair straightening balm.

Peppermint & tea tree lip balm
This product is one of the best lip balms I have tried, Its very soft and it just smells amazing! It dosent stay on my lips very long which is the only downfall (As in dosent keep them extra soft for an exetremely long time) But the scent, the packaging and the consistency has me hooked.

Caudalie Thirst-quenching serum
I have used this serum a few times before moisturising, i’d heard alot about this brand before so was quite excited to try one of their products, Its VERY light and feels water based which is refreshing, I like it alot! I have to use it a little longer though to see if it agrees with my skin.

INKA Eyeliner
This is my least favourite product in the box, just because the only colour eyeliners I use are black and brown shades, I never really reach for blue, Its a navy blue type of colour so I may use this in the future and grow to love it but for now i’m not too interested. It is quite creamy and easy to apply just not my cup of tea!

MONU body cream
Good lord this smells good! Which is very important to me when choosing A body cream, It is light and fresh feeling on the skin, I like this very much, I would buy it in full size.

Philip B Straightening balm
I cant say too much about this product because I havent used it properly but I used a little bit this morning just to get an idea of how it works, There is no scent to this and its a very light clear balm. It dosent feel like it would weigh the hair down atall or get gunky which is nice! It smoothed my hair out quite nicely.

So my favourite product would have to be The lip balm followed closely by the body cream, Its always nice to discover new products, Im a little stubborn sometimes to try different things out and Glossyboxes always seem to make me change my mind!

Hope you are all well!

Sammi x