The Glossy GHD’s

GHD Black gloss IV styler *

Hey dolls,
I have used GHD’s for years now, I started off with some dodgy straighteners at first when I was quite young and straight hair was all the rage. I don’t use them as often and as harshly as I used to but once a discovered GHD’s I have never looked back!

GHD’s are much more advanced than your standard straighteners, they have ceramic heater technology and I have always felt that they damage my hair (breakage) alot less than other types of straighteners. I use them on my natural hair which is very very curly and they work in a second. I believe its because of how smooth they are and the heat they reach so quickly, it tames my hair so well!
I’ve also used Cloud 9 straighteners, I had the larger plate ones but to be honest I don’t think they did as good a job at keeping my hair tamed, straight and free from frizz, something these defiantly do.

Anything bad about them?

I honestly cant think of any major bad points, perhaps the price as they cost £99 which is pricey! But honestly, the GHD’s I had before these ones (which do still work although I have to tie hairbands around them so they turn on) have lasted me at least 5 years! They last forever and are SO reliable, also handy because they work abroad with different voltages etc so if you travel theres no problem there.
Im not sure if that was a proper bad point but I honestly cant think of anything really bad, I swear by GHD’s!

So this one is the limited edition Black gloss IV styler, there is also one in red. I love it, its that little bit more sassy and sleek looking.
They feel lovely to work with and its cool to get something that little bit different, they would make an amazing present! I thought that as I opened them because the box and packaging is so luxurious.

I hope I didn’t miss anything and I hope this has been of interest incase you are looking for straighteners at the moment!

How do you get on with GHD’s? What is your favourite heat styler?

Sammi x