Top – American apparel / Jeans – MOTEL / Necklace – Regal rose / Hat – H&M / Shoes – * Sculpted cut out wedges – So you shoes / Lips – Revlon Smoked peach / Cheeks – MAC Lilicent

Hey dolls,
I just HAD to show you these shoes I received asap! If you watched my last haul video you may know I bought some JC Nightwalker knock-offs in a bright coral/pink colour but I was also lusting after the black ones as they are so much more versatile and I just love everything black haha ^_^
I received these babies a few days ago and I LOVE them! Such a bargain because the JC ones would easily cost over £100 and these are £40 which is much more affordable, also cuts out the delivery time from the US!

I think they are beautiful but I am not skilled atall in walking in heels, I wish I was! This blog post was the first time I wore them outside and for about 15 minutes…and i fell over =[ Luckily no-one was around haha but to heel-beginners I would say BE CAREFUL! Experienced heel-wearers only!

You can find the ‘Nightwalks’ here, I also wore these palm-print trousers from MOTEL which I love the colour of! They turn heads as one might mistake the pattern for something else…i’m saying nothing!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Sammi xoxo