Duck pond market

I tried my hand at putting together a punchy (ha) sangria the other day, it was my first try and turned out okay! I felt proud and took some photos! Perfect drink for summer afternoons.

LOL what a fail! I only realised my eyes were half-closed after we had left =[

Hey dolls,
I hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend =]
This weekend I was moseying around Richmond (where I didn’t realise an Olympic event was even happening, oops) and I stumbled across the cutest little farmers market on saturday, I then realised there was one held there on saturdays and one on sundays, Saturday is a food market and sunday an arts and vintage market. I love things like this, especially on sunny summer days so I thought I would take some snaps to share it with everyone!

We ended up having Moroccan food and buying brownies on the saturday and then on sunday I had a freshly squeezed strawberry, orange and banana juice. I also went back for more brownies (don’t judge me), I have to tell you, these brownies are….AMAZING! Best ones I have tried in my life!

Its lovely to stumble across things like this, I’m excited to explore the area even more and see what else I find! Have any of you visited this market?

Sammi xxx