June Empties!

Hey dolls,
I thought I would share on my blog a few things which I used up this month or over the last few weeks, I love seeing videos and posts of used up products, I think its such a good idea to see things that people got their use out of and I hope you like these types of posts too!

Hair products:

Bed head Self Absorbed
This is a salon quality conditioner which I bought at TKMaxx where you can get great discounts on ‘higher-end’ hair products, anywho! It had quite a fruity scent and it did what any conditioner would do, I didn’t see AMAZING changes but its a nice product if you would like to try something different.
Bed head Moisture manic
This conditioner on the other hand, I saw big improvements in the softness and glossiness of my hair, it smells lovely and hydrated my hair very much, I would defiantly buy this full-size. This lasted me months, I received it at christmas and it ran out at the beginning of the month, I would use it quite sparingly though. 
Frizz-Ease Thermal protection heat serum 
This is something I always re-purchase, I would say it lasts me about 2 months and thats using it around 4/5 times a week. It protects and it tames my hair, it makes heat styling easy and I cant fault it!


Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating daily scrub
Another product I always repurchase, This is my Go-to daily cleanser/scrub, It has small beads which arnt too abrasive, I like the smell and I like how my skin feels afterwards, The Neutrogena products tend to make my face feel quite tight afterwards but I feel like that keeps my oily bits at bay, as bad as that is! It lasts me What feels like 2/3 months but im not too sure on my time-scales here haha! 
LUSH Tee tree water
This is a new discovery and I got through it quickly because I LOVE it! So refreshing, I love the tea tree scent, its not too overpowering, A lovely toner because it dosent tighten my skin either and it gets off the last traces of makeup after cleansing,  This small bottle lasted me around a month
Simple makeup wipes
Not going to talk about these too much because everyone knows what wipes do, haha! These dont last me too long, about 2 few weeks at most, They are moist and get off a decent amount of makeup before I go in for the full cleanse. 
I was prescribed this cream by my doctor last year when I suffered from chest acne, it cleared it up in around a week and a half of using it, I was so happy! Now I use it for blemishes on my face when I have a breakout, You can get it in different strengths, Be aware though, its know for leaving dry flaky skin! (After drying out a spot) It lasted me for a year and it VERY affordable! =]


Laura Mercier pressed mineral powder
I has been my go-to powder for setting my makeup for a good 6 months or more! It has lasted me FOREVER! (You know when you’re just thinking…can you end now? haha) Not that I didnt like it because I did and it gives quite a flawless finish, I just want to try something new! It also dosent let the skin glow through and gives a rather matte finish. Worth the money because it does last a long time. (I would use this everyday)
Bobbi brown Corrector (Peach)
I use this product nearly everyday, It is so much better than the Bobbi brown concealer, it corrects my under-eye bags like MAGIC! I love it and will always repurchase it, some do say it creases on them though so be aware! It lasts me around 3 months. 
E.L.F Brow gel
This is another everyday product, This lasts me around a month or 2 before it dries out and looks pretty dirty (ew) But this product is SO inexpensive (£1.50) and does such a great job, keeps my brows in place and does its job well.
Max factor 2000 calorie mascara
Now, apparently they have changed this product recently, If they have I will cry! This is my favourite mascara, I love it so! It is great at volumising, not so great at lengthening but thats not its job. Gives full black lashes and does it quickly.
MUFE Smokey lash mascara
Another favourite mascara, I got this at IMATS In January and started using it in Feburary because I was finishing a previous one. It lasts a long time and I think its the brush on this, it just grabs every single lash and also lengthens, I recommend it very much. Pricey though!
Origins Super spot remover
Not sure why this is in the makeup photo? haha I must have been tired! This tiny 10ml bottle lasted me months, I think it is around £11, I would use it when I had breakouts and it defiantly calms spots down and reduces spot size within a day or two, I also like the strong herbal(?) scent it has, a winner!


Miss dior cherie 
This is my favourite perfume, It lasted me around a year and I tried to use it very sparingly as I cherish it so much, Its a very feminine and girly scent, I loved to wear it on nights out or for occasions, Go and have a sniff! Its magical.

So I hope you liked this post! Sorry, I know there is alot of writing in this one! I just thought I would fill you in on everything so you could have a little insight into how the products lasted over the differnt time periods.

Has this posted helped you to decide on a product you’ve been eyeing? Have you posted one of these? Let me know!

Sammi xoxo