The power of plants | Botanics cleanser & toner spritz

Hey dolls,
This is a review of the Boots Botanics Softening cleanser & rosewater toning spritz. Just to note. I have normal/combination skin, which tends to get oily on my T-zone during the day.

I am fond of both of these products and they are both quite inexpensive, the cleanser retails for £3.33 and the Toning spritz at £3.99 which I think is very reasonable and they make a lovely change to your routine if you are looking for something a little different.

Softening cleanser
The first thing which I noticed about this product was the smell, it is a light, refreshing, herbal and floral scent. If you are not a fan of scented cleansers you probably wouldn’t like this, I like it however and the scent dosent linger for too long afterwards, it disappears by the time I get to my moisturising stage.
It is 82% organic, Im really getting more into organic and natural products and so I like knowing this product has a good amount of organic ingredients. Especially in summertime, the lightweight feel of this cream is great for this time of year.
It is a light creamy consistency, it dosent lather up too well though, I suppose because you arnt supposed to use it with water. It says to apply this all over the face and wipe away with a cotton pad, but I dont do this as I feel it would feel too gunky on the skin and the cotton pad wouldnt wipe it away properly…or feel refreshing. Instead I (try to) lather it up on my face over the sink and then wash it away with a splash of water, it feels so much more refreshing.
This is a good cleanser which a lovely smell, it gets my gets my makeup off, I cant say too much because i’ve only been using it for about 2 weeks but I like it so far, the only thing is I havent really seen a noticeable improvement, we’ll see I guess!

Rosewater toning spritz
This product is one of my favourite finds of this spring & summer. After hearing SO much about the caudalie beauty elixar, I wasnt too interested in purchasing it myself and so I was browsing Boots one day and came across this which appears to be of a similar idea.
It says to spray into your face and then wipe away with a cotton pad. I totally ignored that rule for around a week or two after purchasing this and just used it to refresh my face (At the time of chronic hayfever symptons). It really helped relieve my eyes from the itchy sore hell they were in.
Now though I use it two ways, To refresh my face and also to tone as I ran out of my LUSH Tea tree water. I spray it onto a cotton pad and use like usual. Its a delight to use, tingly, fresh and lightly scented. It also does remove the last traces of makeup left on my face.

I would highly recommend it, this over the cleanser. Its such a nice summer product and it gives you a quick pick-me-up. I would imagine its also great to take on holiday with you, great for a quick spritz on the beach.
It is 100% percent organic which is always good! It also only has 5 ingredients which is better than tons and tons of things being piled into products we buy sometimes. I was a little gutted it contains Alcohol though as I try to steer clear of that usually.

If you have tried either of these products please let me know what you thought! Its interesting to know how things work for different people.

I hope this has helped or just been interesting!

Sammi xoxo