Tanning in the park

Today, as it has been very hot (for England) I decided to go to the park and try to get a bit of colour on my skin! I have really been wanting to get away somewhere but havent booked anything as of yet so…im desperate! haha,  It was actually really lovely chilling out though and listening to some music in the sun. I grabbed some bits before I left, so I consider these my park-tanning essentials!
(The most essential thing is missing, sun tan lotion! Because I haven’t bought any since moving, doh!)

Beauty essentials 
The body shop Coconut hand cleanse gel / Boots botanics toner spritz / Bobbi brown Cabo coral pot rouge / Carmex / Institut Bronze repair tanning lotion / NARS Tinted moisturiser

Other essentials 
H&M Headband / iPhone / iPad / Prada knockoff Sunnies / Oyster card

Let me know how you’ve been enjoying the sun!

Sammi xx