Products not worth the hype!

Hey dolls, I recently posted a video all about some products which I didnt think were worth the hype! They didn’t work for me but they may well work for you! Here are my views on them…

Loreal Resurfacing primer – I found this primer to be heavy on my skin and it didn’t help my combo/oily skin atall, I didn’t notice that it made my makeup last for longer and I think its very expensive for what you get and for it not to work!

O.P.I You dont know Jaques – This nail varnish is extremely popular, I saw it everywhere and so was intrigued! However when I tried it on myself it just didnt look nice atall! I am so gutted because its so expensive and I felt it had been hyped up SO much, it might just be my skin tone!

CHANEL Vitalumiere aqua – This foundation is many peoples’ holy-grail item and so I thought I would try it out thinking it would be a great summer foundation as it is water-based and lightweight. I was disappointed, It dosent last more than a few hours on me without fading away and/or going patchy on my skin, i’ve used other water-based foundations before which worked ok but this was just terrible on my skin, not worth the expensive price tag in my opinion!

Revlon Lip butters – I do like how these feel on the lips and they are very soft and creamy but its the colour selection that dosent do it for me, I dont mind them being sheer (as its in the name) but Many of the colours don’t work well on my skin tone and I find many have a frost finish that highlights all the imperfections on my lips which isnt great. I do like ‘Creme Brule’ but I struggle to find others I get on with. (I also think they are overpriced!)

Benefit Sugarbomb – I was very excited for this product when it came out, there is always a buzz around Benefit box blushes as they usually are good products, but this one just dosent show up on me, I feel like there isnt much pigment atall and it just dosent do anything for my cheeks, it dosent give a glow, it dosent give colour, I find it very chalky. Such a shame as I love many Benefit products, especially the blushes.

YSL Rouge volupte lipstick (shade 2) – The packaging of the YSL lipstick is phenomenal, the product on the other hand…not so good. The lipstick wont last for much longer than 10/15 minutes on the lips and it just feels cheap (weirdly enough) and ‘wishy washy’ as I tried to explain in my video haha. Not worth the designer price tag!

EOS Lip balm – Again, I love the packaging of these lip balms and was excited to have one as they are not easy to get hold of in the UK, After using them for a while I realised the product just sits on top of the lips but dosent condition the lips or do anything good for them, it just feels waxy and is highly scented.

MAC MSF Natural – I personally think this is a very over-hyped product for not much reason! I used to use this for a long time as I had heard alot about it and I didnt try anything else, but once I did, I didnt want to go back to it. I find this product very chalky/powdery and I feel it can easily give a cake-face look to the skin. It is supposed to be quite lightweight but I believe there are better powders out there with a lightweight look, I’ll never re-purchase this one again.

Bourjois 1 second nail varnish remover – I wasnt wowed by this product, I feel alone on this but I thought i would share haha! Its nice…but I dont mind using my usual method to remove my nail varnish and I feel like im only using this at the moment because on the hype and not because I love it! It dosent work in 1 second as you do have to scrape your finger around in there for a while, I just find it a bit of a faff! The plus side is that its not too harmful for your nails which is good but overall I wont be repurchasing.

Im sorry this was quite a negative post! I do talk alot about products I like but not so much about what I would say to save a few pennies on so I hope perhaps this was helpful!

Have you had any similar thoughts or do you disagree? Let me know!

Sammi x