September Joliebox – The Jolieblogger

Hey dolls!

Im so excited about this Months Joliebox! First off its London fashion week themed, I love all things fashion and had an amazing time at LFW myself so I thought it was a great theme to have, it also helps bridge the gap between beauty and fashion with a few pick-me-up products which can be easy to use on the go or when you’re in a rush.

Also, Im this months Jolieblogger! Im so excited! I met up with the ever-so-lovely editor of the Joliemag, Grace, for a light lunch in mayfair not too long ago, where we chin-wagged about everything beauty & blogger related and so here is my interview in the magazine! Thank you again so much to all of the Joliebox team – I appreciate it SO much =]
I Haven’t used all of the products yet so I cant give you detailed information but here are my initial thoughts on this months box…

Balmi – This reminded me straight away of the EOS lip balms – I picked some up in America because I loved the packaging and the scents but then decided I wasn’t the biggest fan! Im defiantly up for trying this though, Im interested to see if its different atall and a big plus straight away is the smell, I love the blackcurrent scent.
I Love…mango face mask – I haven’t tried this yet but it looks yummy (I’ll try not to eat it), It does contain alot of alcohol though which isn’t too good! Im a big lover of face masks however so i’ll give it a go. (The coconut one looks amazing too)
Redken Straightening lotion – I have heard alot about Redken and I know its a high quality brand. i straighten my hair alot so this should definatly come in handy. + It smells gorgeous
Twistband – At first I thought this was a little odd, but after reading its little introduction on the Joliebox menu I see that its catch is that it dosent leave kinks in the hair after you have tied your hair up and then want to have it down straight again. I think they are very handy to have around and i’ll be putting these to the test one day to see if they work!
Dr Bragi exfoliant – Im am very intrigued about this product. It looks as if the full size would be very expensive after having a read about what the ingredients contain and it is marine based. Theres not enough to be able to monitor a difference in the skin but i’d like to have a first impression of it.

I hope you liked this post and I want to say another big thank you to all my readers for being so supportive of my blog and for just being the kindest, loyal followers!

Also – If you would like to get your hands on this box you still can until the 30th september =]

Sammi xx