The LUSH Magnaminty

Hey dolls,
I thought I would just write a little post on one of my all-time favourite face masks – The mask of Magnaminty. Quite spur of the moment, but I feel like if there is anyone who hasn’t tried this yet, I need to tell them about it!
I like this mask for so many different reasons, here they are;

– It smells of minty-freshness
– It works well for my Combo-oily skin type
– You can also use it on the body
– It dosent go off quickly like the LUSH fresh face masks
– It helps clear up my blemishes when I break out
– It exfoliates as you remove it

So without rambling on too much about why I like it, I just want to say if you like minty masks and are in the market for a new face mask, Maybe try this baby out for size! Its a staple for me and I feel like its not talked about too much but is a lovely product and is not too strong or offensive on the skin like some LUSH products can be.

Have you tried this mask? What did you think?

Sammi xx