Christmas Presents

Hey dolls,
Before I go into this post I just wanted to say (Like everyone kinda does) I am in no way bragging about what I received for christmas! Many people asked me to show and have a little chat about this so thought I would share. Hope you all had a lovely christmas =]

Doc Marten Serena’s

MAC’s Syrup lipstick

The body shop Moringa Body butter – Sugar crush shower gel – Soap & Glory Eau de Toilette

D&G Pour Femme

Clockwise – Topshop hot water bootle – The Matrix Trilogy – Marvel X23 Comic book – Faux fur collar from H&M – 2013 Diary – Beanie

I feel guilty to receive anything at this stage when i’m kind of nearing 24/25! haha but I was asked if there was anything I really had my eye on and it was these b-e-a-utiful Docs which I was so grateful to receive! I think there might be a few more bits and bobs like stocking fillers which i’m missing here but these were the main prezzies.
You can see the geek in me with the matrix and comic bits but I lovee everything like that! Hope you liked this post and I hope it hasn’t come across wrongly!

I’ll be posting a video soon too showing all of my sales and christmas time purchases! Keep an eye out!

Sammi xx