Snow Days

Im not sure if you know by now…but its been snowing like crazy here in the UK!

Top – Topshop / Necklace – Missguided / Boots – Docs / Coat – Missguided / Beanie – ASOS / Velvet leggings – Topshop / Bag – F21

Me and the boy trudged down to starbucks yesterday morning to grab a Hazelnut white-chocolate mocha with soy milk (whoa, mouthful!)
Thats what I’ve been getting there recently haha. It was fun crunching through the snow and Docs are the PERFECT snow shoes!

Shoes – Doc Marten Serenas

Today I have been snuggled up inside, watching the snow fall from the windows (how cliche’)
But its really soothing and looks so beautiful! When we get snow here it usually only lasts a day or two so I’m trying to make the most of it =] (and so I should be doing fashion pics really right?! I’ll try!)

My green chai tea & his…normal tea haha

Tonight I made a roast dinner,(This picture was them pre-cooked) It had been a while so we thought why not!
Im a pescaterian so instead of meat I usually have salmon – I am obsessed with salmon!

My finished dinner, I dont know if you guys wanted to see this as its not that interesting! I skipped the Yorkshires as im kind of trying to watch what I eat at the moment but then I do get a bit carried away with the potatoes anyway, whoops!

I know this post was a little all over the place but I hope you liked it =] Just a little snow-day overview! I feel like the snow makes me want to hibernate and just watch youtube videos all day!

Have you been having fun in the snow? =]

Sammi x