The Shine Envy Tong

Recently I was asked if I would like to try out a Vidal Sassoon tool. As I love curly hair and at the moment Im going back to the loose curl look I chose this Shine envy tong, Here are my thoughts!

So as you guys can see its a large barrel curling iron, Works how the usual ones do! What I noticed straight away is how lightweight this iron is, Its very comfortable to hold and the handle section is oval rather than round which also makes it more manageable to work with.

The iron has a lit-up display which shows the levels, Hi – Lo and which you are set to. You can adjust it with the buttons below the screen (Sorry for stating the obvious a little haha) When being held it feels high in quality and is aesthetically pleasing…and shiny! (we all like a bit of shine)

This tong is great for big loose curls/waves and would be great if you like to wear your hair with the ‘beachy wave’ look. The curls did drop though after an hour or two so I wouldn’t suggest to use it for a big occasion – Maybe whack out the hairspray!

*Vidal Sassoon – Pro shine curl tong

I have been using this tong for a week or so now and I have been enjoying it, Its great for those days where I need to be out the door because it heats up in seconds and when my hair is straight I just run some loose curls through the ends and go! As the name suggests it does also boost the shine in my hair after I use it – The image above dosent show it very well but it does in real life!

I always touch on the negative points too though as there are always some for every product! – As I said I like that this tong creates loose curls, but I don’t think its so good at creating a good strong curl (if that makes any sense) and I think thats why the curls do drop quite quickly. Its not the best curling iron I have tried. I have tried to look up how much this product is, In some places it was £67 and some places £29 I believe it is worth the latter.

Let me know if any of you have tried this tong and what you think of it. Its been a pleasure to try out!

Sammi xx