The Cropped Knit

Jumper – Topshop £36
Riding pants – American Apparel £64
Bag – Zara £19.99
Boots – H&M (sale) £7
Chain – H&M £7.99 (I think)
Lips – MAC Russian Red £13

I do apologize for all the hand-in-hair poses, I did have other shots but when it came to the cut – these were my favourites!
Anywho this was very similar outfit to the one I wore yesterday, I went to Westfield to have a lil look around (Didn’t pick up anything too exciting in the end) and throughout the day I was thinking that I really wanted to snap this look.

It’s of course just a very simplistic one and another monochrome number but I bought this jumper recently from Topshop and really wanted to wear it asap! I have to say it is slightly hard to work with because it falls at my largest point which I should have realised before, but i’m going to try & just work with it!

Today I have been chilling as its Easter weekend, at the moment i’m cooking a recipe from my Lorraine Pascale cookbook (i’m getting old right? haha) ‘Stove-top haddock with fennel seeds & basil’.

I’m going off on such a tangent so i’ll leave it there, Hope you like this look and are having a lovely Easter!

Sammi x