My Samsung S4

Samsung Galaxy S4*

Hey Dolls,
I have been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy phones for quite a while, I liked that this model in-particular is bigger than usual smartphones and seemed even more high-tech than Apple phones, which I have have had for quite some time, so when I was contacted by Samsung recently asking if I would like to review the Galaxy S4 phone I jumped at the chance!

Story album feature

I have been playing around with and discovering this phone now for around a week or so and I am honestly obsessed with it! The switchover first of all was manually very easy, the i Phone sim fits in the galaxy so I didnt have to faff with anything hardware-related. It was odd at first getting used to the phones ‘apps and widgets’ but many of the apps I usually use, you can download for android too (e.g Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Tumblr etc.)

My favourite features so far would be the air signals you can make (waving your hand over the phone in certain directions activates certain features on the phone), Also voice commands – such as saying ‘play, pause, next’ to control music & ‘answer/reject’ to answer incoming calls – you can also record a clip of sound alongside an image you take which is good for note-taking and most of all I love the camera.

The camera films in full HD and if you want to see how it looks I filmed parts of my trip to manchester and uploaded a vlog yesterday using the phone the whole time! You can also create albums from certain days or events (totally up to you) on the ‘Story Album’ feature.

There is more ‘thinking space’ on this than you get on the i Phone, you can set your home-pages to hold things other than apps so when I swipe my screen to the left I have created a to-do-list and to the right I keep my calendar with all of my plans and appointments – its amazing! The phone is very light and I personally like the bigger size – for someone who likes to look at blogs, images and watch video it is perfect.

I was very much an apple person and I do still like my i Phone – I’m still getting used to being on android but this phone is so much brighter, freer, smarter and faster than my i Phone, so it would be very difficult to switch back now!

I know this is a long post but there is so much to say, apologies! Also If there are any negatives to this phone (because there are negatives with everything you can review) It would be that sometimes pictures can show up a little bit blurry, for example on Instagram – which i’m guessing is the phone stretching the images slightly as its a bigger screen and dosent shrink the whole app down like some tablets do.

Overall as I said, I adore this phone so far, there are pros and cons with everything, but to me this phone has much more pros and fits me and my lifestyle perfectly as it takes such good quality photographs and video and is very user-friendly. For more info on the phone click here, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts on this baby!

Some pictures snapped recently with the Samsung GalaxyS4
(They haven’t been edited, only sized)

– I was not paid to review this phone, I was gifted the handset to try out and to share my thoughts. All opinions are genuinely my own