KIEHLS Vitamin C Line-Reducing Concentrate

KIEHL’S Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Hey dolls,
This is one of those products that I kept feeling like I had blogged about before to share my opinion but I hadn’t actually got round to it! This is a Vitamin C enriched skin serum which also claims to be line-reducing but I don’t use it for that particularly.
I saw this product in stores around a year ago but wasn’t sure it was for me and then I saw some Youtubers talking about it and shortly after I thought I would give it a try (The power of Youtube!)

I started by using it everyday, it says to use morning and night but I usually just use it at night when my skin is repairing instead of adding an extra layer to my skin during the day. Shortly after using it daily I switched to around once or twice a week- when I felt like my skin needed a boost or when I was breaking out.

What I like about this product is that it is quickly absorbed by my skin and sometimes i’ll use a moisturiser on top but I also use it on, it can work well both ways. It sometimes can cause my skin to sting slightly if I apply it while I’m breaking out but I like that in a way because it feels like its working! (do you ever get that feeling too?) I feel like the mornings after I use it I can see a little extra radience from my skin and it has also lasted a long time and as its very expensive thats a good thing!

What I would say I dislike about this product would mainly be the price, I think it is a little overpriced and because there are so many serums on the market people would go for cheaper ones over this. Also it is defiantly something you only want to use when you need it, especially for younger skin because it is very strong so it might work better on more mature skin in general because of the Line-reducing too. (Also some have said its broken them out so just a heads-up to spot-prone people!)

If you want to try some Vitamin C products and are on a budget I’d defiantly recommend The body shop’s range of products but if you have a little to splurge and are partial to serums i’d say to try out this product. Its been something I’ve reached for all throughout the year and I’ve liked having it in my skincare collection for when I’ve needed a Vitamin C boost.

Have you tried and this and what did you think?

Sammi x