What I Eat | Breakfast

I often post my meals on instagram and other social sites, which could be looked at as a little weird but I am just obsessed with food and I love cooking and making my meals look pretty! (I know, I need to get  out more) I get asked quite often what exactly it is that I eat on the regular and so I thought i’d share what my day-to-day breakfasts look like.

Yeo Valley 0% Yoghurt / Rude Health Almond & Hazelnut granola / Cocoa Nibs / Sunflower seeds / Chia seeds / Raspberries / Honey

Large Rolled oats porridge with water & almond milk / Peanut butter / cocoa nibs / sunflower seeds / raspberries / half a banana / cinnamon

(Yoghurt again, similar to the first photo, sometimes i’ll have this with almond or soy milk instead of yoghurt) / Glass of water / Satsuma

Large bowl-mug from Butlers / Square bowl from IKEA

I don’t ALWAYS have exactly this – its good to have some variety! I also change up which fruit I use seasonally, I love strawberries but they’re obviously better in summer so I switch it up at this time of the year. I also love rye-bread, wholemeal toast, rice crackers, homemade smoothies and I love to spread almond or peanut butter on most things I eat! (All in moderation)

I love having a light and healthy but filling breakfast because it sets me up for a good day health-wise, If I start out good I usually go the rest of the day eating quite well, but I of course let myself have treats when I want them!

Let me know if you guys liked this and if you’d like to see what I have for lunch as a part II,

What is your healthy breakfast choice?

Sammi x