The Eighteenth | Early Soho Stroll

This morning I trotted up to Soho for a meeting, it was quite early, before the hustle & bustle of weekday christmas shoppers and tourists from around the world snapping away at the festive streets. I love being in central London early at any time of the year because it has a strange but short-lived calmness to it. You can soak in the beautiful architecture, the history and people around you more than usual, just before it can become a little more stressful.

I am a coffee fanatic, though oddly enough I don’t usually like having coffee early in the morning. I hadn’t had breakfast (& i’m a massive breakfast person) so was itching to get my hands on something light and nutritious. I stumbled across Pure and found that they make fresh juices, salads, sandwiches, lots of things but I opted for the ‘AGC’ (Apple, ginger & carrot) Juice which was both vibrant & delicious.

Nails are Essie – Wicked | Ring finger – Regal Rose* | Middle finger black stone ring – Regal rose* | Index finger – Shop dixi*

Today I was gifted with these handmade silver band rings (Top of my middle ringer) by a lovely girl named Stacey, she made them herself and I am so happy to have them as they are exactly my style and it helps build on my silver ring collection – I’m obsessed with them! They are adjustable too and can be opened up or closed tighter at the back. She stacked one on top of the other and said how she thought they look nice worn that way and I agreed!

Stacey works at The Great Frog, the best silver jewellery store I have come across in London, for me anyway because its exactly my style and I recommend it to anyone else who also likes hand-crafted, rocker/biker, skull sculpted jewellery – I could do a whole post about them, I’ll stop here for now!

I went back over my pictures from the morning and thought, is there enough here for my post? I wasn’t sure if it was enough to share but this is what I got up to this morning so I hope its of some interest, another peek at the streets of London at christmas time!

– Sammi