The Fifth | Food for thought

Thank you guys for all of your feedback on my last post =] From what everyone wrote I saw that quite a few of you are interested to see more details about what I eat on a daily basis so today I focused on that.

I started the day with my usual granola, This time with Soy milk, banana, the rest of a fruit-snack pot I had from the day before, Chia seeds, flaxseed, cocoa nibs, flaked almonds and a dash of cinnamon. *Catches breath*

Today I went into town to run some errands and grab a coffee with my sister, we usually love to go and get coffee but aren’t too keen on coffee shop food as its usually packed with calories – so I opted for a Pret salad and my sister got a salad from M&S for lunch and we headed over to Starbucks (she prefers Starbucks, I Costa)

Coat – Thrifted | Super cosy lining leggings – Primark | Bag – Zara | Cardi – Urban Outfitters

This vibrant gentleman was bellowing throughout the town with festive cheer and commands about something that I couldn’t quite catch but it was quite a sight

For dinner I wanted something quite light, I wasn’t that hungry. I picked up a soup from M&S (this one is amazing) The spicy lentil soup – I usually have soup with wholemeal bread or crackers and today there were some Rye crackers hanging around so I spread some peanut butter on them (Not sure why, just obsessed with the stuff) and had them on the side for dipping.

Im always open to ideas on what you guys would like me to focus on during the month! Hope you liked this one.

– Sammi