The Fourth | Covent Garden with Estee

For the last two years during December, I took part in the youtube vlogging phenomenon (I love watching them myself) named ‘Vlogmas’ I filmed everyday during december until christmas and it was fun but at the same time of course, quite hard work!

This year I have decided to have a little more time to myself to enjoy christmas time a little more personally and for some other reasons too but I just can’t break myself away from sharing little bits and bobs of what I like to do around christmas time so I thought why not take photos instead.

I’m starting here on the 4th December, It might not be every single day but I’m going to try to photograph each day even if its a usual type of blog post sometimes with a little more detail on what I done – Lets keep it nice and casual!
Today I hopped on the train to west-end where I went to meet up with one of my favourite youtubers Estee from EssieButton (She’s also an amazing blogger!)


Aren’t Estee’s nails cute?! She has inspired me to start using some sparkles too
She said its a mix of Maybelline & BarryM (Knitted gold & Lychee to be exact)

We went to this super-cute Jewish Deli type place in Covent garden named Mishkins and had half a Rueben sandwich each, along with a jug of cloudy lemonade. We nattered about all types of things, took photos, filmed (She’s doing vlogmas this year!) and afterwards we checked out a cute sweet shop nearby and then headed to the Dior pop-up shop.

It was such a lovely afternoon, I ended up purchasing some bits from Dior, Whoops! I think Estee has started my Dior makeup addiction! I’ll share what I picked up on the blog soon if you guys would like.

Please let me know what you think of my december-blogging idea, let me know if you would like to see more and even better – what exactly you would like to see, like on some days focusing on certain things?

I’m knackered now and I’m about to hit the hay, see you guys tomorrow!

– Sammi