The Nineteenth | Yana’s Hair Sanctuary

I’m not doing so well recently with blogmas being everyday, I hope you don’t mind! I’m currently out of town with my sister for her birthday weekend and am sat on the hotel bed before we head into town but I wanted to make sure I share with you what I done on thursday – Got my hair done!

I always go to Yana’s hair sanctuary in Ruislip, I’ve been going there since I was about 14, They are so friendly, welcoming and professional with everything that they do. I used to go for treatments for my hair but nowadays its more-so to get my hair installed. I get a full head of weave and I leave out my edges all around. I have a video talking about everything I do to my hair so if you wanted more info just click here.

The hair I use is the Mongolian tight curly hair, lengths 16/18/20 (depends how I feel) from Dollhaircollection, I’ve been using this hair for over a year now and its the best hair i’ve tried! Its virgin hair and is easy to dye, it stays very soft and is lovely to work with and style.

My hairdressers name is Nana and we always have a good old chin-wag about everything, how we’ve been getting on and having a good laugh, She’s so lovely and is amazing at what she does.
She works in a way that makes you feel very comfortable with how your hair will turn out but she always gives honest advice on the hair if she feels it might not work out exactly how you want it. We have it down now and I tend to get the same style which she does amazingly!

I recently upgraded my phone to the iPhone 5S and am absolutely loving it! Its so pretty, I went for the white and gold

Before we tamed the frizz!

The finished result – Thank you to the lovely ladies at Yana’s once again, Oh I forgot to add, they do the best biscuits ever!