The Seventh | The Eton Stroll

Todays post is of my afternoon with my most loveliest boyfriend Jason, As usual a lot of the focus is on food – I think its the time of year, its food time!
It was another chilly day but it was actually quite nice for a winters stroll – as long as you’re wrapped up warm. By the time we got out it was about 4pm & we decided to take a stroll down Eton high street to grab a coffee and then to have a bite to eat.

We passed a girl who was playing the harp on the Eton bridge, it was so beautiful, we got her card too so that we could share her music online and like her Facebook page so when I get that all together i’ll add it here too so you guys could listen too if you’d like.

We went into one of the old-school style sweet shops and I was eyeing up the Bertie botts every flavour beans, so Jason bought them for me knowing of my love of Harry Potter ^.^ (Which we share!)
I’ve had a few while writing this actually, One was ‘dirt’ though – it has to be expected!

We decided on Moroccan for dinner and head to Ayoush, I had the Kofta tagine (Which was delicious) and I think he had the Lamb cube skewers.
We had grilled Halloumi cheese and cous cous on the side, we’d never been there before so weren’t sure what exactly to expect but I thought it was really lovely and the staff were very friendly too.
(Now I’m having flashbacks of that halloumi‚Ķmmm)

It was a lovely calm and quite festive evening, I’m sure we’ll do a few more posts of our time together while I’m doing this blogging during december – Jason is great with photography and took some of these photos too, its quite fun both experimenting with shots and seeing what you can get out of it!

Are there any restaurants you’d recommend us to go to? I’d love to do more foodie types of posts, I know its not beauty and fashion related but its always been a love of mine and I love sharing lifestyle too – Maybe i’ll even do a blog just for food who knows!

– Sammi