The Sixteenth | Meet Captain Riley

Apologies for missing a few days!
This weekend was a hectic one but I did manage to film so if you want to see what I was up to you can check it out on my vlog channel.
I wanted to introduce to you our little puppy, Captain Riley.

Jason and I have had him for around 5 weeks and in that time he’s actually grown quite quickly! He’s been keeping me on my feet thats for sure but he is well worth it and I love him with all my heart!

Riley is 16 weeks old and is a French Bulldog (frenchie) – His mum is brindle pied and his dad is blue.
He likes chewing, giving kisses, attempting to chase seagulls and is partial to the odd sock. (causing most of my socks now…to be odd)

All jokes aside Riley is a new member of the family and is extremely loved by us, he has such a gorgeous temperament, he’s very friendly, he loves to play but he also loves to have cuddles.
So far i’ve taught him to sit, stay, wait for his food and to give me his paw – I’m toilet training him at the moment which is going quite well too – He’s a smart boy!

I’ve even gone and made him his own instagram account


You guys can follow him there if you like, for Captain Riley updates! He’s also introduced in the vlog I’m putting up from this weekend so if you want to see him in action you can do so too!

– Sammi x