The Tenth | Christmas gift ideas for Him

As I write this I am sat under a blanket on the sofa with ‘Arthur Christmas’ on the telly, feeling festive!
I love having a look at gift guide posts and so I thought id share with my two cents with a few ideas for the man in your life if you are a little stuck on what to give them or what to stick in their stocking.

Ron Burgandy ‘Let me off at the top’ £8.00 – If your man is a fan of Anchorman (who isn’t?) Then this book might just be a winner – I actually want to get my hands on it too! It would be a great stocking filler, If you can get it to fit.
Retro hot air popcorn maker £65.95 – Many men love a good movie to sit down to, just like us girls do and this is a great alternative to the more cutsey kitchen bits that us girls lust over – Its a unisex number, it would look awesome in the kitchen and best of all it creates food…food! That you can snack on aswell as him.
Dior HOMME £45.50 – I had a whiff of this the other day and it has to be one of the nicest mens fragrances I’ve smelt, I know everyone is different but maybe give it a smell too when you’re in store. It comprises of the energetic freshness of sicilian lemon, the woody scent of cedar & the powdery signature of tuscan iris. Its magical. 
iPad Air from £399 – Obviously higher up price wise and a little less inventive perhaps but iPads are quite an all-rounder. I’m forever on my own one and while they’re not a necessity by any means if you can dig a little deeper into your pocket and know this would be up your guys street it would go down a treat! Super handy for emails, browsing the web, going on apps, social media and just plain having fun!
Fair isle knit slippers £20.00 – Slippers! Cant go wrong with slippers – wither its for your boyfriend, dad, granddad or a family friend, everyone wants to keep warm this time of year and these ones look a treat for the feet.

KIEHL’S Facial Fuel £21.00 – If your guy secretly likes a little bit of pampering (many men say they don’t but….they do) and hasn’t had a little tube of daily luxury before like us girls tend to do with skincare then this would be a fab present or stocking filler!
ASOS 100% British Wool Cable scarf £25.00 – Everyone needs a cosy scarf, if you’ve noticed he hasn’t been throwing one on recently (or ever) then this would be a stylish and practical gift for your guy.
CARVED Wooden Phone case $24.00 – I stumbled across this website, they carve custom wooden phone cases and also have a ready selection to choose from. I especially think the Aztec one is awesome but there are tons on there.
Mrs. Bow Tie £22.00 – How adorable are these?! If your guy its more on the smart side I’m sure they would love a festive bow tie (they do all types, plain/patterned) This would be another present great on its own OR as a stocking filler. Cute packaging and also great quality – Something they could keep forever too.
Vintage renewal Leather Wallet £20.00 – Another practical but good-looking gift, Its one of those items you are always well aware that you need a new one of but You can’t bring yourself to go out and search for one. Man are notoriously lazy at shopping so this one is covered for them. 
Russian Criminal Tattoo book £18.95 – Is he a tattoo lover? Then not much else even needs to be said, this would make a great stocking filler. (Again, I want this for myself too!)
Reeses Peanut butter cups £4.49 – I couldn’t complete this post without a food item, obviously. Chocolate…peanut butter, whats not to like? These are dangerously addictive because they are the best thing since sliced bread and if your guy dosent end up liking them, more for you! ‘Oops’ 

I hope a few of these ideas could be helpful, I’m not the best at getting presents but if we all chip-in with ideas then it makes it a lot easier right?
I can do a girl gift-guide too if you guys would like? Share your male gift ideas too down below i’m sure it will help everyone out =] Not long left now!