The Thirteenth | Puffy Mince Pies

I have recently been extremely inspired, I found myself on The Londoner‘s blog the other week through a tweet by Tara, (thanks Tara!) it was a post on avocado cookies and of course, I had to try it for myself, They came out amazingly and i’ve been a Rosie-fan since!
I then stumbled across a recipe on puff-pastry mince pies and thought I would absolutely love to try it out, so I did!

I filmed my FIRST go making these (I had never made pasty from scratch before either) for my Youtube channel and tried them for the first time on camera – AMAZING!
I’m not the actually greatest fan of normal mince pies, they can be very dry and feel very heavy to eat but these babies are light, fluffy, buttery and full of flavour. You don’t feel really guilty after eating them either – well, I don’t!
If you were a mince pie sceptic like I was, try these – I was pleasantly surprised!

(Just realised I look a tiny bit deranged here, it seems baking-excitement had gotten to me!)
Thank you very much Rosie for sharing your special recipe and I hope you guys like my video making the mince pies too 🙂

– Sammi