Breakfast at L’Eto Caffe’

The other week we found ourselves in Soho quite early before an errand Jason & I had to run. We hadn’t eaten and wanted to find some type of Cafe to have a bite for breakfast.
We head to the breakfast club but saw that there was a rather lengthly queue and neither of us were patient enough to wait, so we walked around the corner and peered into L’Eto Caffe’ which looked inviting and we took a seat.

The menu resides all around the walls of the caffe’ aswell as on paper and the staff whizz over quickly to you, people are in and out reasonably frequently and I wouldn’t say you’d have to wait too long for a seat. Its not the biggest place but is still quite comfortable and cozy-feeling when you’re settled.

They had all sorts of breakfast food, Eggs, bacon, fruit, pastries, pancakes, smoothies, crepes, a selection of toppings on artisan toast (Which is what we went for) and they also had a few even healthier choices.
We started with an Orange juice for Jay and I created my own fresh juice of Orange, ginger, carrot & apple.

We played around with the camera while we waited for our order to come, as per usual!

Before too long our breakfast was on the table, Jason went for Eggs and bacon on toast/Eggs Benedict and I went for Salmon on Artisan bread with avocado – It was absolutely heavenly. I rarely go out for breakfast and so it was quite a treat and it was a good one let me tell you!
The Salmon tasted very fresh and the bread was light, wholesome and flavoursome, then along with the sauce – 10/10!

We left feeling happy, full and set for the day. The service was good, the staff were friendly and the food I couldn’t fault.

I defiantly recommend L’Eto for Breakfast, I now need to go back for lunch! You know…just for reporting purposes 😉