Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Jumper – GAP | Leggings – Urban Outfitters | Boots – Urban Outfitters | Bag – Thrifted

This weekend on mine and Jason’s adventures we head towards the East end of London. We Googled good coffee spots and found one up the road from here, then decided this one we walked past looked nicer and took a seat here instead. The department of coffee and social affairs.

Now, we’re quite particular about our coffee, ‘vanilla coffee snobs’ you could call us. Basically we’re addicted to our normal Costa vanilla Latte’s but many other coffee shops don’t use syrups (probably because they do authentic coffee? haha) so that morning I predicted such madness and thought we should bring our own little container of vanilla just incase!

We sat for while, sipped our latte’s, had a little chinwag and felt quite comfortable – They also played awesome noughties music and the staff were super friendly. They had quite a few yummy-looking treats and pastries which I eyed up, but didn’t end up having something sweet apart from the coffee!

A few doors down was a Deli which served toasted salt beef sandwiches and reubens so we stopped off there before continuing our travels for a bite to eat.

It was lovely ‘fast food’ though, wholesome and very tasty!

 I’ll be sharing our Sunday adventures soon!

Sammi x