I just had to clarify why I’m still doing posts on food and more food, As you might have guessed, I have a deep love for food…and for life – and so after much deliberation I have decided to make my blog not only a fashion and makeup blog but also lifestyle!

That means the majority of what I blog will still be what it was before but I also want to share with you my daily photo diaries, places I travel to and also my thoughts on places i’ve been to eat and what I thought of them!

This post isn’t a particularly fancy affair, its fast food as you can see, but I had been eyeing this ‘Five guys‘ for a while and so Jason & I thought we’d give it a try.

For some reason it overall gave me the feeling of being in New york, The kitchen is very open-plan and you can see your order being hurriedly made (if you can work out which it is) – They work extremely fast and the place is buzzing with orders, customers, demands and people coming in and out. (This one was in Covent Garden)

The drink machines made me very excited, you order through a touchscreen menu and there are variations on most of the types of drinks, for example I had the vanilla diet coke and there were about 6/7 different flavours of it to choose from. We’re not used to so much choice in England I tells ya!

It dosent look as appealing in photo form to be honest but I ordered the cajun style fries with a cheeseburger which had HP sauce, lettuce, grilled onions & pickles inside (You order which burger you want e.g hamburger/cheeseburger and then add ANY extras – they are all of no extra charge, you can go pretty nuts) Also I didn’t realise the burgess come DOUBLE and are pretty huge!
– You can also order a ‘Little’ version of each burger which I also didn’t realise before.

I couldn’t even finish this, you get quite a lot but then it is more expensive than Mc D’s so its good that you do – For a fast food burger I really enjoyed it and I really want to go back!

The Cajun fries were really yummy too and I’d now pick Five Guys over any other fast food chain when I want a burger and fries. Its quite heavy and obviously calorific but if you only have it once in a while its not going to hurt too much!

Jason on the other hand wasn’t too taken by it and I don’t think he’d recommend it as much as me, its always interesting to get different opinions – I actually forget what exactly his order was but it wasn’t too far off of mine, there might have been some bacon involved?

Monster burgers, mountains of fries, whimsical drinks machines and a slight feeling of being in the US – I for one liked it!

p.s – They also serve bulk peanuts =o