The Body Shop’s Serum-In-Oil

Its been a little while since i’ve posted a beauty review, every now and then though they’ll be something that i’ll have a mini obsession with and that I just have to share.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil *

Recently its been the Body shop’s serum-in-oil. I’ve tried lots of serums and lots of oils and I tend to like serums a little better than oils because I dislike the feeling of an oil sitting on my naturally oily skin overnight – sometimes it leads to breakouts. This Oil though is super lightweight, It dosent sit on top of my skin, it sinks in and replenishes my skin by the morning and keeps it looking plump and healthy.

I honestly can’t think of a bad pointer for this product and I always do have a balancing thing to say or something that i’ve noticed which might not work for everyone but I honestly have been getting on with this very well.

If you have combination-oily skin like me you should give it a try. It has the power of the serum backed with the moisture of the oil, + Vitamin E, its great! I have been a fan of the body shop Vitamin E line for quite some time too.

Had to add in a candid photo of Captain Riley (My little Frenchie) while I was trying to snap this earlier, He found the product quite intreguing!

I also talk about this product in my recent beauty & non-beauty favourites video which you can check out below =]

Let me know what you think of this serum-in-oil if you have tried it too and of your thoughts!

Thank you to The Body Shop for sponsoring this post.