The Fruit Juice Cleanse

Hey guys,
Last week I tried out a juice cleanse for a day, I had been really intrigued by juice cleansing for a while and I was offered the chance to try out the Fruveju cleanse and so jumped at it!
I thought I would vlog my day while cleansing to record how I felt and the taste of the juices so I will leave the video below for lots and lots of detail about my cleanse but I thought to share here on my blog too incase any of you have wondered about it or are interested =]

I would recommend it as something to do one-off, maybe when you feel like a bit of a detox. The juices mostly tasted really lovely and they were delivered on the day early in the morning in a cooler, they’re numbered in order of how they suggest you drink them and also with rough timings.

I really enjoyed juicing for the day and would defiantly do it again! Thank you to the lovely people at Fruveju!

Sammi x