It was a very random tuesday evening and Jason & I were having to make a trip to Hatch End (I grew up around this area actually! It is next to Harrow and is NW outer-London)
Jason had heard of this new joint that had opened up called CHUCK burger bar and so we thought, well why not! Lets try it out. I started with a non-alcoholic mojito (well it was a tuesday!)

The place is decorated with trendy graffiti/wall drawings & dangling lights, the staff were very friendly and even though it was during the week the place was rather busy but we only had to wait around 10 minutes for a table.

We spent quite while umming and arring over the menu because there were quite a few delicious sounding items! In the end Jason went for the ribs and cheesy, bacon fries…

…and I went for the bacon cheeseburger with the sweet potato fries, which were just heavenly.

Shirt – Missguided £22.99

I quite thoroughly enjoyed it! The burger was soft, tender, juicy and cooked to perfection, the only thing it could have had was even more flavour without me adding sauces on top – I actually ended up having a few of Jasons ribs and they were some of the best i’ve had! I’d defiantly recommend the ribs.

Here is a rather intense shot of me ‘going for’ the burger – Just lovely haha!

It might not be accessible to some of you but if you are around the area its a nice little place to pay a visit to if you are a burger/meat fan. (I’m sure they did veggie options too even if you’re not a meat lover)
Lovely atmosphere, quick service and scrumptious food!

Sammi x