Sunday In Notting Hill

Hat – Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love notting Hill, in particular of course, Portobello Road which is insanely popular on saturdays due to the market which is never-ending but more often then not I find myself strolling Portobello on a sunday.
I’m not a lover of big crowds and stress (even though sometimes its fun at markets) and sunday in this area is buzzing (lightly), bright, calming and rather jolly if i do say so myself!
We drove down, parked up and dipped in and out of a few shops before heading into PIX which is a spanish tapas bar, where mounds of delicious bite-size morsels tempt you as you arrive. We sat down and then went to go and help ourselves to what was on offer.

I found this slide in a Jigsaw store and just had to go down it…we did some further strolling, took some outfit photos and then gave in to our continuing hunger and went to our favourite place in London so far for pizza – Luna Rossa.

We Ordered many many starters, well, they were more like tapas – Thats how the waiter explained them…long live tapas!
Check out those mini octopus things (great vocab) I tried one, it was very ‘leggy’. We loved the green beans and tomatoes, I also loved the artichoke.

But then…the main event

Woah mama. When you order a pizza with someone else they can bring it out for you all on one and you just pull what you desire from the board in front of you. These pizzas are IMMENSE. The base is so light, fresh and crispy, the cheese is flavourful and the toppings…I can’t explain! Mine was the sausage with spinach and Jason had some sort of ham with fresh rocket and tomatoes.

We couldnt be happy with only one choice so we also got Pasta to share! We went for pasta with truffle oil, sausage and mushroom and it was just mouthwatering.
Highly recommend this restaurant! Its just behind Portobello road, next to a biscuit shop (Biscuiteers) which is also just the cutest place ever.

We couldn’t even finish all of the pizza so we took it home in a box and dug back in later. Oh Pizza – It makes my soul happy!

I’ll be posting about my outfit from Sunday soon too so stay tuned!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend & are still enjoying the sun!

Sammi x