Lunch at The Elgin

Top – Zara (similar)
Jeans – Topshop Joni
Kimono – River Island (White lace kimono kind of similar)
Bag – Vivistyle
Flats – Topshop
It was a drizzly day in London, I needed to walk the dog and was also feeling a little peckish. My sister Danny (She’s on youtube here) had just come back from her holiday in Kos and I hadn’t seen her since being in israel so we planned to meet at a cool pub-turned-cafe/coffee house in Maida Vale called The Elgin.
I had walked past this place over a dozen times and always had a little peek in but hadn’t actually gone in and sat down. What a little treasure! They allow dogs which means major brownie points from me! Its so hard to find places in London that allow dogs – They are really friendly, the food and coffee is delicious and the vibe of the place is really chilled out and comfortable.
We sat and chatted about our trips away and what the countries were like, laughed about old jokes and tried to keep Riley from jumping on the sofas. (He tried and failed a few times, always involving falling over)
Luckily I chucked a jumper in my bag because it was supposed to rain that day and indeed it pissed it down! But it was lovely nevertheless!
Sammi x
*A little heart to heart*
I especially enjoyed popping out that day because sometimes with what I do (blogging and youtubing full time) it can be quite lonesome. Jason works during the day Mon-fri and I have worked from home for years now and I do actually love being on my own a lot of the time, then again sometimes it can be hard with no one to talk to and no one to work with.
I can get stuck in a cycle sometimes of being on my own and not even wanting to go out much when really I should and I can get myself a little down in the dumps thinking about how I need to get my work done but then also feeling quite alone!
I am pushing myself to do more of my work out of the house and to go and meet people more which always cheers me up a little and I even tend to get more done! Meeting Danny was lovely & we always have a right laugh.
I just felt like having a little heart to heart as I don’t usually share alot of my more in-depth feelings here on my blog but these feeling really went along with this post.
If you work from home and sometimes also have these feelings you are not alone!