Lunchtime With Depop

Despite the fact someone was with me while this photo was taken, I was going to say that my lunchtimes usually consist of me on my onesies, taking a break from editing, filming or whatever else I’m doing – Having some food and catching up on my social media or browsing around my phone for a bit.

I just can’t help myself, I always think that I should read or something (and sometimes I do!) but my phone is so damn addictive!

The first meal there was from a lunch in LEON, I had the Ham hock salad which was too good for words and then I often stop by The Elgin in Maida Vale and this time I had a chicken, lentil & broccoli salad which was also yummy. I often also grab a croissant because they are my total weakness.

Back to my phone and things, I like to watch Youtube videos with my lunch or go through my apps. I have been loving depop recently and wanted to take a moment to talk about it a little more!

You are most probably aware of Depop, Its taken bloggers…and the world…by storm! Its set out a little like instagram except what you are scrolling through is items that people are selling and you can purchase them through the app with a few clicks, through Paypal. Its so quick and easy!

It is also super easy to set up (I’m quite stubborn with setting up new things and filling out forms) I was pleasantly surprised.  Again, I’m sure you know of it but if not, check out mine if you like! Its under ‘Beautycrush‘ and every now and then I pop a few more things up onto my account.

I also Love that brands have accounts too. Some of my favourite online stores sell items on Depop and you can often nab one-off items – Handy!

I am still working on another ‘Weekly Eats’ post so this is a little peek into some more things i’ve been eating but we all love a good app and so I thought I would share more about what I do during my third favourite meal of the day…app included!

A thank you to Depop for kindly sponsoring this post =]

Sammi x