This is quite long overdue – I had tons of pictures from Malta that I wanted to upload so apologies for this being so long after, but this is what happened on my birthday and this is what I wore.

I found this dress on ASOS and its not usually something I would go for but for some reason it called my name!

We started the day with a quad bike ride to Sliema, then we went back to the hotel, changed and took an amazing (and slightly scary) boat taxi ride to Valetta, the capital city of Malta. We arrived as the sun started to set, this place took my breath away.

Dress – ASOS (Couldn’t find it on the site anymore!)
Belt – Rokit
Necklaces – Holiday & Links of London
Sandals – From a store on holiday
Rings – Lvndr

We passed this closed flower stall about three times before Jason stopped and said ‘Would you like a picture here?’ He’d seen me eyeing it up and was quite right!
I pranced over for a few pictures while a local man told us to watch out for thieves in the area. We kept an eye on our bags but coming from London we are quite used to doing that anyway!

We went for a little glass of wine in the town square because our table was booked for 8pm and we were early, so we also strolled down the long, hilly roads of valetta marvelling at the architecture, the colours and the dishevelled houses that still look amazingly beautiful.

Then we got to the restaurant, It was a surprise to me but it was a traditional maltese cuisine restaurant, set inside a tunnel originally built by the knights of St. John in 1570 named Rampila.
It was stunning, you walk down a few steps and find yourself going down through a short tunnel which is lit up and laced with dining tables, then outside onto the terrace which is dotted with little trees and fairy lights.

After a little wait and a little chat (with each other and also with the waiters) – Our food arrived!

I had the swordfish and Jason had the Lamb, They were both rather exquisite!

The dessert menu came, beforehand I had said to Jason the only thing I really wanted on my birthday, was a cake, so I got a bit giggly when the waiter took so long to come and take our dessert orders

And ta da! A sort of tirimisu cake appeared! I was so thankful and I was so happy to have a little birthday cake, even abroad!

Then things got a bit weird (with the help of a few glasses of wine and the excitement of cake) We waited for the taxi…it took a while, and then I started to do some sort of ballet inspired ‘waiting for the taxi’ dance.


It was so lovely having a birthday in Malta, even though there wasn’t too much life around to have a party-style celebration, its nice to mix things up a bit sometimes!

Sammi x