I have been a perfume fan pretty much since I was about 5.
I would run up to my mum when she’d get home from work, i’d hug her and her woollen coat would smell of her striking signature scent, which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling….since, i’ve been hooked on creating my own perfume collection too.

Naturally I was intrigued when offered the chance to try out this perfume from DKNY (launched only yesterday the 20th), whats it all about you ask?
The idea behind the perfume is that they have encaptured and bottled the pure energy of New York City (One of my favourite cities in the world – I miss it!)

I was told about the perfume’s online digital hub and wanted to try my hand at it too, basically you connect via Facebook (it dosent interrupt your feed though) and you can make your own MYNY heart from pictures of the city itself – you can pull your own pictures from NY if you have any, into your creation.
At first they ask about 5 fun questions just about what you like to do there & the best time of the year in NY etc and your heart is customised for you.

If you like you can log on at myny.dkny.com and make sure to use the hashtag #MYNY!

The Scent:
The top notes (the first that hit you) of this perfume are Raspberry, Galbanum & pink pepper. I can definitely notice that pepper because at first I find it quite strong!
Then among other things there is Egyptian Jasmine which is rather soothing and the base notes include Vanilla Absolute, musk and Amergris. 
When the scent relaxes down and reacts with your skin, well for me – I rather like it. Its not a sickly sweet perfume at all but much more…mysterious, musky and spicy. 
It definitely is a different perfume for my collection, Rita Ora is the face of this perfume making you think it might be the usual ‘celeb scent’ but it really is not! I also am intrigued by the packaging, the top resembles the skyscrapers of New York and the bottom is heart shaped so there is a slight juxtaposition of structure and softness.

If you would like to get even more involved, there is a competition which has been running from the 17th august which is  the ‘Scent with love’ competition. To celebrate the launch you could win a DKNY gift card worth £300 and the new fragrance too.
 All you have to do it take a picture of yourself shaping a heart (like above) and share it, with #scentwithlove #MYNY on Facebook.
(You can also tag up to 4 friends who would win the same if you win and also 10 runners up will receive a DKNY watch and the new fragrance)

*Breathes* Woah that was a lot of info! Good luck to anyone that enters!

I know this post was quite long – I wanted to share the comp with anyone who might be interested but if not, no worries and my review as always is genuine as I am quite the perfume enthusiast!

MYNY one is different, not one of my all time favourites but it has its own place in my collection because it is unique (visually too!)

Hope you’re all well – Malta photo diary to follow! 😉

Sammi x

*Thank you to DKNY for kindly sponsoring this blog post