This is me getting ready to chow down in Cafe Rouge
(Here are some more things i’ve been chomping on recently)

not food but a nice photo ^.^

1. Moules Frites in Cafe Rouge – This was for lunch and they were SO good, some of the best I had had before. I even sipped on the sauce afterwards!

2. Baked trout at The Ham Yard hotel – I went for a lovely lunch meeting here and I had the fish which was amazing, it flaked so softly and easily. They also came around with warm bread rolls before the meal and my carb-monster reared its head – mmm!

3. A Saturday breakfast, Costa coffee and an almond croissant from M&S.

4. The usual suspect – Superfoodies granola with blueberries and oat milk for breakfast.

5. Carbonara, one of my new favourite pasta dishes, so bad but SO good! I just try to manage my portions well. (I also added M&S artichoke on the side, obsessed with them recently)

6. A homemade snack/brunch – Cherry tomatoes with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. Sesame seed crackers on the side with a coffee (not pictured)

7. I regularly visit The Elgin for lunch or a coffee, this was mid-dogwalk. I had a soya cappuccino with a croissant as I wasn’t too hungry, but I seriously have a weakness for pastries. Working lunches here are splendid and they allow dogs!

Hope you’ve found this interesting, again let me know if you like these ‘weekly eats’ posts and i’ll keep them up!

Sammi x