Who hasn’t heard about this little gem? (if you haven’t, well now you have!) Dirty burger is part of the chain which also boasts Chicken shop & Pizza east, they’re based in Kentish town but are popping up in more areas now too like Shoreditch.
We had tried Chicken shop before and I was less then impressed with the fried chicken (again maybe I just had a bad batch) but we (Jason & I) were itching to get our hands on a Dirty burger.

It’s hidden away in a shack behind Pizza east, it is TINY but I guess the idea is that a lot of people would the burgers to take away.
If you stay, which we did, you can have a seat at the window or round a large wooden table so we did just that and waited for about 10 minutes for our order to be prepared.


They also do ‘Dirty doughnuts’…I had to restrain myself a little. ‘No…burgers will be enough!’

Quick little bag snap as I waited, I got this new scarf from COS the other day and am in love! Its so soft. The little poison box is from a little shop in Spitalfields market.

Bag – Urban Outfitters / Scarf – COS / Purse – MarcB

I had the Cheeseburger and Jason had the Dirty bacon. They were big, cheesy, soft, mourish, flavourful, well-cooked and undoubtedly dirty. It was a messy affair but SO worth it.
It was such a treat after being let down by Shake shack!

The brioche buns were soft but crisp and light, the meat was cooked a perfect medium and cheese oozed out in every direction. The dirty bacon was the same and wasn’t dotted with a few bits of bacon but had a thick slice of hearty bacon inside.

I also have to say, the sides were incredible, The chips were good, but they weren’t my main point of focus. The ‘Onion fries’…oh my! They were mouth watering – Just what onion rings should be like, plus they were sprinkled with freshly grinded salt & pepper which gave an amped up flavour.

I definitely recommend Dirty burger if you haven’t been yet, I do think it is worth the hype!

Let me know what you thought too if you have been!

Sammi x