On a bright but blustery day a few weeks ago, I took a trip back to The family business
(A wicked tattoo studio in Farringdon which i’ve been to a few times – My artist there is Ricky Williams).
Beforehand I had a little chai tea in ‘Brill’ because I was a bit early, I have to say this is the best chai i’ve had in London.

We got started, Ricky made sure the placement, size and final design of the tattoo were perfect and we got stuck in.

I didn’t realise this part of the arm would be bloody excruciating!
I usually deal with tattoo pain pretty well but the time did not fly by for this one (it took just over 2 hours) But all I think during having it done is that its well worth it!

I was hungry – Celery break!

I am so happy with the result, I’ll probably go more into detail about the tattoo in an update video or something like that but I thought it would be cool to share my trip that day.
You can find Ricky’s Insta at @ricktattoo

I was knackered at this point, I didn’t mean this look to look so…mean!
I retreated back to the car and ended up going to honest burger because I thought I deserved one after the pain (any excuse haha)

It was a good day! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

Sammi x